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From: Mike Tetreault
Tuesday 1:22 PM

Dear Friend,

Are you looking for the key to making money online? Are the same old tired Cookie Cutter sites not living up to their hype? Follow the example set by the most successful internet companies around and build a search engine! Would you like to have 100,000+ pages of targeted, UNIQUE content? The answer is right in front of you!

Why you need Macrocosmic Directory!

Macrocosmic Directory combines MSN search results, Google AdSense, Overture Keywords, Yahoo RSS feeds, and eBay and Amazon affiliate programs into a seamless package that is appealing to users and search engines alike. Content--RELEVANT and TARGETED content--is dynamically generated. With search results and current news about whatever your users are looking for, Macrocosmic Directory provides it to them.

Users are only one click away from Amazon and eBay purchases as well. The provides you with multiple revenue streams. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the wildly popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, speaks in great detail about the value of passive income streams. While you do need to do some initial promotion, you will see results very quickly!

Macrocosmic Directory was created as an answer to the "Made for AdSense" sites everyone has seen out there. With Macrocosmic Directory, you'll have something truly unique to call your own.

Do you want to see Macrocosmic Directory in action? The current release version is available for viewing at

  • MSN Search Results - The MSN search results are not only valuable and targeted to your users? searches, but they?re also rich in keywords. Using AdSense content targeting, Macrocosmic Directory ensures that the ads shown are relevant to your users? queries.
  • RSS Feed Integration - This provides targeted, dynamic content that users and search engines alike are drawn to. News items are drawn from the major wire services and newspapers and television stations around the world!
  • Exclusive Keyword Web Service - Macrocosmic Directory uses an exclusive web service to generate dynamic keyword lists. Using Overture and Google's keyword tools, we cache them to provide consistently outstanding result speed.

Macrocosmic Directory has proved to be one of the most powerful tools I've ever used!

I'm using it as the backbone to an entire "information engine" that within a week already has Google wrapped around it's finger...begging for more 24/7.

Not to mention that you could use it just to generate powerful niche/market specific, endlessly updating, pages for any topic that you want! This is a great way to make small niche sites much much more in the eyes of the search engines...and the readers.

The ease of use...elegant design...and incredible power that this script offers are mind-blowing. Like I said before as well...Google loves it!

I was trying to figure out how I was going to build traffic to my pages...debating different tactics...planning different methods. Then I checked my stats and realized that Google was already pumping people to my site like crazy. I managed to gain the top spots on a ton of different keywords...something that I would of never been able to do with a traditional content site, in a matter of week!

Macrocosmic is the perfect name for this powerful script...

Dave Ryan


  • Exclusive Google Sitemap - SEO experts around the world agree that publishing a sitemap is one of the fastest ways to get in Google's index. Our exclusive sitemap, complete with over 900 categories drawn from the Open Directory Project, is sure to jumpstart your site's search engine indexing.
  • Surfer-Friendly Homepage - The home page provides a directory overview. It includes many of the things your users are likely to be looking for. Because it's just HTML though, you can easily edit it to customize it to your own specifications.
  • Completely Customizable Headers and Footers - The headers and footers of the site are all contained within two files. You can easily modify the look of the site by putting your own logo in the header and copyright information in the footer.
Same day delivery, all OK Thanks.



  • eBay Affiliate Program - Through Commission Junction, you can profit from your users and their eBay purchases! You will earn between 40 and 70 percent of eBay's revenue for each user, and between $12 and $20 per user that signs up for eBay. Considering the strength of the eBay brand, can you afford to not take advantage of this?
  • Amazon Associates Program - The Amazon Associates program was the original affiliate program. Building on the near-universally recognized brand name, now you can earn from your users shopping! While most products only link to the product information page, we deep link directly to the product they were looking for. You will earn between 4 and 8.5% on every purchase. As with eBay, the more you refer, the more you earn. In Q4 2005, I made $700 from Amazon referrals ALONE! We also link directly to products, as opposed to how similar scripts handle it. This means it's easier for your customers to buy!

With Macrocosmic Directory, ads and content are seamlessly integrated with one another. Not only that, but the pages to be explored are virtually limitless. Every page is optimized for search engines with titles and HTML tags that are relevant to the chosen keyword. Even better, even though each and every page is dynamically generated, they all appear to be .html pages. Instead of a big ugly query string that no one (especially seach engines!) will follow, every page's filename will end with .html!

Every page includes a "Related Keywords" section. This section, populated by Macrocosmic Technologies' exclusive keyword web service, is the real magic of Macrocosmic Directory. Each keyword links to a related page, filled with custom search results and news relevant to the new keyword. As an example, barbers.html links to barber+shop.html, barber+chair.html, and barber+school.html. barber+school.html links to barber+beauty+schools.html, california+barber+schools.html, and up to two dozen more pages.

Each page has the option of linking to results for the keyword on eBay and Amazon's entire site, or just books, electronics, dvd's, or music. These features use Commission Junction for eBay and Amazon's Affiliate program. This allows your users, without leaving your site, to search the leading commerce marketplaces. You earn money when your users buy from the most trusted stores online today!

Even if you know next to nothing about programming, it's a breeze to set up Macrocosmic Directory. You simply edit one configuration file, following the easy directions included, to include your AdSense, Amazon, and eBay information. You upload the files to the root of your web server, and you're ready to go!

If you are already proficient in PHP, then Macrocosmic Directory is just what you need! It is 100% clean, commented, and unobfuscated code. I don't like bad code, and neither should you! I've done everything possible to make sure that the code can be easily modified. I've had some customers take my code, completely rework it, and leave me astounded that it was actually my application powering their site.

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On the internet, content is KING. With the right content, you'll have people beating a path to your door. Macrocosmic Directory gives you the content you need and the tools you need to turn monetize that content, whether they're looking for information or wanting to buy a solution to their problem.

You will receive a copy of the Macrocosmic Directory, complete with full customization rights. You will also receive access to the exclusive Macrocosmic Technologies keyword web service.

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

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We stand behind Macrocosmic Directory 100%!

Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed! If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will completely refund your ENTIRE purchase price. We are THAT confident you will be happy with your purchase. You have up to fifteen days to decide that Macrocosmic Directory is exactly what you need.

Whether you are new to internet marketing or have been around the block, you can make money with Macrocosmic Directory!

Similar scripts have sold for $150-$250. They don't even include RSS feeds, and they use slow and unreliable services. Our proprietary keyword web service caches data for faster response times and a better user experience.

Look at it this way -- $97.00 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on Macrocosmic Directory and start using it right away to improve your bottom line!

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Excellent Script. Item as described. Thanks!!



Great service-- great program-- great personal service



The fine print...

There are some requirements for this script. First, you'll need a web host that supports PHP. Second, you'll need .htaccess support. Most hosts support this, but I'd recommend checking first. You will NOT need a database, though you will need a directory to cache the RSS and Amazon feeds.

As for the license for Macrocosmic Directory, you are granted the right to run it for yourself (ie, your own AdSense, eBay, and Amazon ID's). You may use it on multiple domains or subdomains on one physical server, or one domain or subdomain on multiple servers. If you want to run it on multiple domains or subdomains across multiple servers, please email me at to discuss appropriate licensing. No resale rights are offered or implied with your purchase. While you're free to modify the script, you are not allowed to share it or any derivative works for any reason.

Don't you owe it to yourself to try Macrocosmic Directory today?

Mike Tetreault

P.S. If you aren't comfortable with the idea of installing the script yourself, DON'T WORRY! We offer a totally hands-off installation service for just $30 additional.

P.P.S  If you're still not convinced Macrocosmic Directory is something you need, visit and try the site out. The site literally sells itself! If you're still not convinced that you need Macrocosmic Directory, email me at and tell me why! Some of the best features have been implemented because users have asked for them!