Macrocosmic Directory is now available! Macrocosmic Directory is a PHP-based web application that integrates MSN search results, RSS news items, AdSense ads, eBay and Amazon affiliate programs, and a proprietary keyword suggestion web service. The ads and content are blended seamlessly, drawing users into clicking. More information is available at the product page.

PrivacyOnTheGo is now LIVE! You can now use your own browser and IM client (it works with AOL, Yahoo, and MSN) on any PC without needing to install any software on it. Plug in the PrivacyOnTheGo USB drive, and you're ready to run.

If you want to pick up an MSDN Universal subscription, check this offer out.

I spoke at the Information Security Summit October 21st 2005 in Cleveland. I've presented in the past at Notacon 1 and 2 on both Data Privacy (the MP3 recording of this presentation is available) and Threat Modeling respectively. My presentation at the Information Security Summit was an introduction and brief lab on the Metasploit Framework. The slide deck used for this presentation can be found here in HTML format or here in PDF format. The presentation will be available soon in audio format.

Macrocosmic Technologies is launching a new venture as well. Your Information Guide is going to be an information portal focusing in on the things people are looking for. Right now, the look is as spartan as this site, but a fully template-driven site (complete with new and original content) using best of breed CMS is actively in development. Its sister site, ValuableOnline.Info is live now as well.